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Roopali Chaudhary

Co-founder of Women of Colour in STEAMM Canada (WoCScan); Founder/CEO of Lotus STEMM

Roopali is a co-founder of Women of Colour in STEAMM Canada (WoCScan), and the founder/CEO of a grassroot not-for-profit, Lotus STEMM. Roopali immigrated at the age of 13, and living in the Diaspora, Roopali struggled with identity loss throughout her secondary education in Canada; while watching her over-qualified parents struggle to find jobs in their respective fields. Completing her post-secondary, graduate, and post-doctoral studies, Roopali noticed a lack of women of colour professors, and even fewer immigrant women of colour, in the various universities she attended in Southern Ontario. Understanding the South Asian (SA) perspective, she started Lotus STEMM as a networking and leadership platform for SA women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics & Medicine to promote greater visibility of qualified SA women within the community. Roopali is often invited to speaking engagements within schools, universities, and communities to address the lack of women in positions of power and the immigrant experience. Roopali is a strong advocate of mental health, equity, diversity, & inclusion; and firmly believes in the need for visibility of all underrepresented communities. With WoCScan, Roopali works with her co-founders to promote and support women and underrepresented minorities in STEM, Arts and Medicine.