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Luba Petersen

Simon Fraser University
Associate Professor of Economics

Luba Petersen is an Associate Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University. She is a researcher at CIRANO; academic member of the Centre for Economic Policy Research Research Policy Network on Central Bank Communication; executive member of the Society for Experimental Finance; external advisory board member of the Bank of Canada’s Digital Publication “The Economy Plain and Simple”, and on the steering committees for SFU’s Centre for Adaptive Behaviour in Economics and SFU’s Experimental Economics Lab. She has advised and consults for the Bank of Canada. She has been a visiting scholar at various institutions including the Bank of Canada, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, University of New South Wales, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and University of California Santa Barbara.  

Dr. Petersen’s research centres on understanding how people respond to monetary policy. She uses innovative experimental methods and computational linguistic tools to explore the causal effects of policy, central bank communication, and market design on people’s expectations about the future and their economic and financial decisions.  Her research broadly explores how to design policy and communication strategies to best manage the public’s expectations and decisions during times of economic stability and crisis. She has investigated topics related to money illusion, the zero-lower bound, rationing schemes, financial market bubbles, secular stagnation, and debt overhang.  

Petersen has worked extensively with the Bank of Canada to understand how the public thinks about the economy and reacts to policy. Together with the Bank, she has developed an interactive online platform to collect data on the public’s macroeconomic expectations and experiment with policy and central bank communication. She advises on the content and language of the Bank’s ‘The Economy Plain and Simple’, and collaborated on the design of interactives for the new Bank of Canada Museum.