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Kevin Leshuk

Celgene Canada
Vice President & General Manager

Kevin Leshuk, a graduate of McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, began his career in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry in the early 1990’s working with Adria Oncology. As the first and current Vice President and General Manager for Celgene Inc, the Canadian affiliate of Celgene Corporation; he and the employees of Celgene Canada are proud to represent important products for the treatment of cancer and other severe, immune-inflammatory conditions. Early in 2007, and under Kevin’s leadership, Celgene Canada created RevAid®, the restricted distribution program that ensures patients who may benefit from Revlimid® and Thalidomide® are able to do so without the risk of another Thalidomide tragedy. RevAid®, based on the US program S.T.E.P.S and developed with input from TVAC, has been in operation since 2008 and has been 100% successful in ensuring Canadian patient safety. As an active Board member of BioteCanada, Kevin has made numerous representations before Industry and Federal/ Provincial regulators on important issues such as the importance drug safety monitoring systems, the value of medicines, patient access and regulatory reform.