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Sally Greenwood

Vice President, Communications, Education & Societal Engagement, Genome British Columbia
Vancouver, British Columbia

Sally (Greenwood) brings over 25 years of experience to her role as Genome BC’s VP Communications and Societal Engagement. Her portfolio spans communications, education and genomics and society - all aimed at enhancing the credibility of the science. She is committed to advancing scientific research to outcomes that positively impact society. She and her team are committed to the responsible application of genomics and work with experts to explore and understand the broader societal and policy implications of this technology. With a focus on informing sound policy in parallel with advancing technological advancement, she works to facilitate research beyond the application of genomics to a specific project or product – believing that the study of the related societal issues is as important as the genomics research itself. Her commitment to accessible engagement is additionally demonstrated through two unique Genome BC programs; Geneskool ™, free programs aligned with BC’s curriculum that affords all youth an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and understanding of genomics, and Genomics Education for Health Care Professionals aimed at enhancing access to and interpretation of genomic approaches to personal health care.

Twitter: @SallyDGreenwood