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Arman Zaribafiyan

Head of Quantum Computing
Vancouver, BC
Arman has been with 1QBit since its inception, leading an interdisciplinary team of researchers and software developers who are exploring the applications of emerging technologies like quantum computing in solving computationally challenging industry problems. He has an academic background in quantum information processing and quantum computation and is an alumnus of the University of British Columbia. As the Head of Quantum Computing at 1QBit, he has led several research and development client engagements with Fortune 500 companies that include Dow Chemicals, Biogen Pharmaceutical, and Accenture as well as collaborations and partnerships with Microsoft, and other organizations. Arman and his team are focused on applications of emerging computing technologies and recently released QEMIST, a materials simulation product, designed for leveraging different computing platforms to accelerate materials innovation. He is particularly passionate about the applications of quantum computing in pushing the boundaries of advanced materials science and drug discovery.